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We think rainbows, trees and air are just the bee’s knees – in fact, we rate everything on the planet. So we've decided to create a brand that works for the environment rather than against it. Fresh, ethical and consumer conscious garments, inspired by the world we live in.


Our main purpose is to nurture and encourage a planet conscious ethos. We focus on an ecocentric attitude and a lifestyle that has a positive impact on both the earth and your wardrobe. So we employ simple, green methods, such as low-impact dyes, recyclable packaging and local talent to reduce our carbon footprint.


Our original tees are all made from organic, vegan and sustainable cotton that keeps trees green and the sun smiling. This reduces waste and helps us and you keeping our planet as clean as we can. This means that we can all sleep at night while keeping you at the zenith of style.

The ACID RAIN Reclaimed line is an inspired, revolutionary concept that we’ve lovingly pioneered. Our process involves re-purposing clothes instead of putting them in the bin. These lucky garments receive the full ACID RAIN treatment: a natural dye, a sweet design and a soft kiss. So when they’re done, these multi-coloured beauties are ready for your eco-conscious, loving, embrace.