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A warm, unassuming day in September, 2018.


Events were taking place that would make it far more extra-ordinary than any other. ‘The Colour Chemist’ - a young scientist with a PHD in colour dynamics, was developing a radical formula to harness the power of the rainbow to transform boring white garments into eye-bending, wearable, wonderpieces. Suddenly an unexpected fusion of colours caused an imbalance of ordinariness, resulting in outrageous swirls and splotches of colours in yet unknown forms, measuring off the chart in freshness.

Dazzled by flashes of spectral light, the colour chemist, seeing the vibrant brilliance of his tinkering, realised he had changed the alternative clothing game forever. And thus the ACID RAIN egg was fertilised, but it was merely a zygote, who’s long gestation period had only just begun...